Council Membership

Individual Members elected by the Council

Kenneth Vall - President  
  Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Chris Yelverton - Vice-President  
Exec. Comm. nominated Johannesburg, South Africa
Inga Gossow - Treasurer  
Citizen of Country of Council registration Wolfsburg, Germany
Benito Oliva - Chair CoA  
Exec. Comm. nominated Cagliari, Italy
Maria Browning - Chair QAC  
Exec. Comm. nominated Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Beatrice Zaugg - Vice Chair CoA  
Exec. Comm. nominated Biel / Bienne, Switzerland
Iben Axén - Member CoA  
Exec. Comm. nominated Vällingby, Sweden
Jaap Swanenburg - Member CoA  
Exec. Comm. nominated Zurich, Switzerland
Priya Lutener - Member CoA  
Exec. Comm. nominated Yarnton, United Kingdom
Sarah Zingg - Member CoA  
Exec. Comm. nominated Schlieren, Switzerland
Graham Mills - Member CoA  
Educationalist Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Philip Davies - Member CoA  
Educationalist Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Eric Lazar  
Institutional Staff Member Madrid, Spain
Maria Browning - Chair QAC  
Institutional Staff Member Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos  
ECU Executive Administrative Council Athens, Greece
Benito Oliva - Chair CoA  
ECU nominated Cagliari, Italy
Christophe Sem - Member QAC  
ECU nominated Zurich, Switzerland
Donatello Testerini  
ECU nominated Arezzo, Italy
María José Hernández Ortiz - Member QAC  
ECU nominated Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Charles Bertoia  
Student Member Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Daniel Sullivan  
Student Member Boscombe, United Kingdom

Institutional Members & Representatives

AECC University College - Bournemouth, UK
Haymo Thiel - Principal
Barcelona College of Chiropractic - Spain
Adrian Wenban - Principal
Durban University of Technology - Dept. of Chiropractic & Somatology - Durban, RSA
Charmaine Korporaal - Institutional Representative
Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie - Paris, France
Olivier Lanlo - Executive President
Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie - Toulouse, France
Thierry Kuster - Directeur Général
McTimoney College of Chiropractic - Abingdon, United Kingdom
Christina Cunliffe - Principal
RCU Escorial Maria-Cristina - Madrid, Spain
Ricardo Fujikawa - Head of Studies, Chiropractic
Syddansk Universitet - Dept. of Sports Sciences & Clinical Biomechanics - Odense, DK
Henrik Hein Lauridsen - Director of Studies
University of Johannesburg - Faculty of Health Sciences - Dept. of Chiropractic
Chris Yelverton - Head of Department
University of South Wales - Welsh Institute of Chiropractic - Pontypridd, Wales, UK
Rhys Breckon - Head of WIOC
University of Zurich - Poliklinik für Chiropraktische Medizin
Daniel Mühlemann - Head of Chiropractic Medicine