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Accreditation procedure and standards

The Standards are intended for use by chiropractic institutions, both in the private and public sectors, predominately (but not exclusively) in Europe, in institutional self-evaluation of their educational programmes, and for use by international committees and bodies involved in the recognition and accreditation of chiropractic education worldwide.

Accreditation is designed to attest the educational quality of new and established chiropractic educational institutions. To achieve and maintain accreditation by the ECCE, undergraduate chiropractic programmes delivered by those institutions must comply with the Standards outlined in this document. Undergraduate education and training refers to the process that leads a student to become a chiropractor able to practise within his/her levels of competency in a primary contact setting, and who does not put the patient at unnecessary risk. It also encompasses the knowledge, skills and attitudes of working effectively with colleagues and other healthcare professionals, and keeping up-to-date and maintaining competencies and skills throughout professional life.

The accreditation policies and procedures are also included, are designed to make clear to the chiropractic institution the nature of the information required, and the process for assessing the institution against the Standards outlined in this document.

ECCE Standards version 6.0 November 2023
Published: 15 April, 2024
Procedures for accreditation and appeals – November 2023
Published: 8 April, 2024
Accreditation Process
Published: 30 April, 2019