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I am interested in studying chiropractic. There are no accredited programmes in my home country, can you recommend a programme?

Choosing where to study chiropractic is an important decision. Investing in an education that is provided by an ECCE-accredited programme ensures that your qualification as a chiropractor will be recognised as one of quality and the highest standards throughout the world. It is our policy not to recommend a particular programme as each student has different requirements to consider, for example, language, entry qualifications, financial arrangements. You may find the information in the section Information for prospective students useful when considering which programme will meet your requirements.

If I obtain a degree in an ECCE accredited programme, can I work in Canada?

ECCE accredits chiropractic programmes in Europe and South Africa against a set of criteria or standards as described in the document Accreditation procedures and Standards available for download from the ECCE website. It is the regulatory bodies that determine whether they will recognise a degree from any particular  programme. Please contact the regulatory body and the professional chiropractic associations in the country where you wish to work.  In addition, you should contact the Immigration authority of the specific country regarding immigration/working laws. You may also find useful information from the Councils on Chiropractic Education International website.

I obtained a chiropractic degree in a non-European country, can I work in Europe?

As above. It is the National and Professional regulatory bodies that determine whether they will recognise a degree from any particular programme. Please contact the country where you wish to work. Information on national associations may be obtained from the website of the European Chiropractors’ Union.

I have started my course but wish to transfer to another programme. Can I transfer my credits?

As ECCE is an accreditation agency it does not directly involve itself in the admissions policies of programmes.  Please contact the programmes direct to discuss your specific circumstances.

How do I contact ECCE?

Please use the contact us page.