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ENQA Self-study Reports

The ECCE underwent an external review co-ordinated by the European Association for Quality Assurance of Higher Education (ENQA). It has been awarded full membership of ENQA for five years (September 2023 - 2028).

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The self-study reports, which are part of the accreditation and application process, are available below:

ENQA SSR final
Appendix 1 2019 ECCE Constitution
Appendix 2 Accreditation Procedures and Standards 5.3 – November 2019 Aachen
Appendix 3 Financial Policy Version 11.0 December 2020
Appendix 4 a – ECCE Finance Report 2020
Appendix 4b Most current ECCE 2020-2022 Budgets
Appendix 5 QAAC Induction Manual March 2020 update final
Appendix 6 Evaluation Team Manual – Version 2.8 –January 2019
Appendix 7 Mapping ESG pt 1 to ECCE Standards
Appendix 8 Changes to the Standards based on ENQA feedback
Appendix 9 ifecrep2019final 160320
Appendix 10 ECCE Strategic plan 2020-2025 final